Who can attend Refuel?
Any male student that has completed 6th through 12th grade can attend Refuel.

Does my child have to attend a Wesleyan church to attend Refuel?
No. Refuel is open to any student who wants to come and enjoy a Christ-centered camping experience and have lots of fun! If you register as a Parent, a box will appear that asks you whether you are attending with a Wesleyan church. Just select that you are not and continue completing the form.  

What is the schedule for Refuel?
Click HERE to see the 2019 schedule (there will also be printed schedules available at Registration on the day of Refuel).

What should students plan to bring? Is there a packing list?
We have included a packing list that can be downloaded by clicking here.

My child/student takes daily medication. Is there a policy for this at Refuel?
All medications brought to Refuel must be turned in to the nurse at the time of registration on the day of Refuel. We have strict guidelines regarding the safety and administration of medicine to your child/student as well as the protection of consumption by another camper.

Are cell phones/tablets/computers allowed at Refuel?
While we do allow electronics at Refuel, we would encourage students to go without these if possible. Multiple electronics can lead to distraction throughout the week. In addition, there are risks involved with electronics including water damage, loss or the potential of theft. If making calls/texts becomes a significant distraction to the campers' purpose for being at Refuel, the cabin counselor will notify the Refuel Director and a parent may be called. *Counselors are NOT responsible for keeping up with electronic equipment or keeping phones/tablets secure.

What safety precautions are taken at the lake (i.e. Lake Gladiator)?
There will be a certified lifeguard on duty at the lake during any scheduled lake event. We have taken extra precautions to ensure safety while playing in these competitions. However, in the event of bad weather or unfavorable lake conditions, "Lake Gladiator" or other activities at the lake can be postponed or forfeited for another event. All campers must wear a life jacket provided by Victory Mountain Camp while they are competing.

Who are the Refuel volunteers/staff?
All Refuel volunteers/staff are carefully selected through an application process. A Pastoral Reference is required as part of the application process, as well as a complete background check. Most volunteers/staff have served at camps and retreats (such as Youth Camp) for many years, and the majority are Youth Pastors/Leaders at their churches.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

  • Jeremy Reid (Refuel Co-Director) - 336-345-0873

  • Phillip Yarborough (Refuel Co-Director) - 336-425-7981

  • Dennis LaRue (Victory Mountain Camp Manager) - 919-302-1138

  • Camp Office - 336-861-3131

    Victory Mountain Camp
    3594 Youth Camp Road

    Sophia, NC 27350


How do I register my child/student for Refuel?
Click on "Register" in the menu at the top of this page. Once on our Registration page, click on "Register Now." From there, you will select whether you are a Youth Pastor/Leader or Parent registering your child/student. After clicking one of these two options, you will be able to complete the rest of the registration form. *It is extremely important that you select the correct option (Youth Pastor/Leader or Parent) when registering.

How do I pay for Refuel?
During the online registration process, you will be prompted to pay using our secure payment processor. *Students attending Camp with a Wesleyan church have the option to indicate that their church will be sending a group check on their behalf.  

What if my church is paying part or all of the registration cost?
Please check with your Youth Pastor/Leader at your church to verify that they are paying for part or all of your registration. When registering, you will be able to select that your church is sending a group check on the payment page.  

What forms of payment do you accept?
Payments can be made via debit/credit card (all major cards accepted; processing fees apply), or by group church check (for students attending with a Wesleyan church).
For those churches who will be paying by group church check, make them payable to Victory Mountain Camp Refuel and include the names of those students who will be covered by the check and how much should be credited to the balance for each student. Group church checks should be mailed to the following address:
Victory Mountain Camp Refuel
3594 Youth Camp Road, Sophia, NC 27350

Can I pay in full for Refuel when I register?
Absolutely! Just select the "Pay in Full" option via debit/credit card (processing fees apply) when you register to go ahead and pay for Refuel as you register online.

Can I pay my balance the day of Refuel?
Yes. However, we encourage everyone coming with a Wesleyan church to go ahead and take care of their balance with their Youth Pastor/Leader before coming to Camp. This will speed up the registration process for you and others that need to register.
*Debit/credit cards (processing fees apply), checks and cash will all be accepted for balance payments on the day of Camp.

Is there still a paper form that I can fill out?
Yes. The paper registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.


What time do I need to arrive on registration day and where do I go?
Registration starts at 6pm. Upon your arrival, please meet us at the Lodge (Dining Hall). To reach the Lodge from the entrance of the camp, follow the gravel road straight until you reach the parking lot.

What should I bring to registration?
Please bring any unpaid balance due (unless you are registered with a Wesleyan church, in which case you will need to take care of your balance with the Youth Pastor/Leader). You will also need to bring medications to be turned into the nurse. 


What if my child/student has to leave Refuel during the weekend for a sports game, family function, doctor's appointment, etc.?
Please notify our Registration Team when you check in on the day of Refuel if your child/student will need to leave during the week. At the time they are leaving, they must let their cabin counselor know and must be signed out in the camp office downstairs in the Lodge. This is required each time they leave AND return to Camp. DO NOT leave Camp with a child/student without notifying their cabin counselor, no exceptions.

What if my child/student gets sick/homesick during the weekend?
We have a registered nurse on staff at Refuel 24 hours a day. If a child/student is sick or significantly injured, you will be notified immediately. Any injuries will be assessed by the nurse and additional medical care will be given if necessary. In addition, we will do our very best to comfort any camper who is showing signs of being homesick. In most cases, getting the child/student involved with other campers and activities allows them to start enjoying their time at the Camp. If, however, the they are not consolable, we will notify the parent/guardian about the best course of action.

What time does Refuel end on Sunday?
Refuel ends at 1pm on Sunday afternoon. Students/children can be picked up at the Lodge and must be signed out with their cabin counselor before they will be released.


Can I come and visit my child during the weekend?
To keep our event safe and controlled during the weekend, we ask that all visitors check in with the Director before arriving at Refuel.

Can my child sit with me during the evening rally?
For the safety of your child and the need for our counselors to know where students are at all times, we ask that they remain with their cabin and their cabin counselor during the rally. In addition, we want them to remain focused throughout the night on how God might speak to them at the rally, so it is our desire to eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. There will be a time following our evening programming when you will be able to visit with your child.


I'm the Youth Pastor/Leader/Volunteer at my church. Do I still need to fill out a Leader Application?
Yes. Everyone who is planning to come to Refuel as a Leader must fill out an application and consent to a background check. Visit the "counselors" page to apply by clicking here.

Will all the students from my church be in the same cabin together?
All attempts will be made to keep groups together. As students are registering, if they are being registered by their parents, please remind them to indicate that they are coming with a Wesleyan church and then correctly indicate which church. This will help as we attempt to keep groups together in the same cabin.

When will I be notified which team my students will be on for team competitions?
Although we do put a lot of emphasis on Team Competitions, we cannot reveal team colors until students arrive at the Camp.

Are there promotional posters or images I can use to promote Camp?
We have provided promotional posters, images and information which can be downloaded from our Media page by clicking here.

Since registration is online this year, how can I know who is registered from my church?
Youth Pastors/Leaders will receive a username and password that you can use to log in and see which students have registered from your church. Additionally, you may email at any time to find out who is registered from your church.

Can I just register all of the students from my church as a group?
Our current online registration system does not currently support mass group registration. You can, however, collect their registration information and register them individually yourself if you would like. As you register them, just be sure to indicate that they are attending with your church. 

I am sending a group check from my church. What's the process for doing that?
For those churches who will be paying by group church check, make them payable to Victory Mountain Camp Refuel and include the names of those students who will be covered by the check and how much should be credited to the balance for each student. Group church checks should be mailed to the following address:
Victory Mountain Camp (REFUEL event)
3594 Youth Camp Road, Sophia, NC 27350

If you have any other questions not answered here, please visit our Contact page by clicking here to send us a message!